[ Our Services ]

KMS provides best quality services to its customer by providing experienced ang highly trained resources. KMS had provided Project Management Training periodically to its Project Manager to ensure quality of Project Management.

Network Planning & Design

KMS network planning & Design provide for costumers right from Radio Frequency (RF) & Transmission Engineering to Fixed ad Core Network Engineering Design in the Wireline and Wireless domain - UMTS, GSM, CDMA, Microwave Transmission, WiMAX and Broadband Networks. The planning and design process assesses alternative options of Network Technologies, Network Migration, Expansions Considerations and incorporates them into the planning document. Network Planning & Design Services deliver value by designing the most economical network with the highest Quality of Service to support current and future service, technology and capacity of requirements.

Network Deployment

KMS offers a comprehensive network implementation services that can support every phase in the implementation process. Services offered by KMS support our customers in conducting roll out their networks efficiently with time measured. KMS has had experience in this regard is supported by adequate resources and professional and comprehensive support tools to support the roll out of multi-vendor. Services we offer include:
- Minor construction to support the development of radio equipments.
- Site implementation of a radio device for Ericsson, Nokia Siemens Networks, Huawei and ZTE equipments.
- Implementation Ceragon transmission, BTS and Transmission for Ericsson, Nokia Siemens Networks and Huawei.
- Manage services

Network Optimization

KMS provides the necessary resources to check the performance of the new site on-air. This is done through verification drive tests. The sites are checked for validating integration parameters and ascertaining call performance: call termination, call origination, handover, power control RX Quality and RX Level etc. The Parameter Optimization is also applied once a radio network is operational, its performance is monitored. The performance is compared against chosen key performance indicators (KPIs). After fine-tuning radio parameters, the results are applied to the network to achieve the desired performance. The main focus of radio network optimization is on areas such as power control, quality, handovers, subscriber traffic, and resource availability (and access) measurements. The Periodic Monitoring & Optimization of the Live Network throughout the Network lifecycle with regular monitoring of the network health (new rollout and expansion) by doing drive tests and KPI maintenance.

Network Operations & Maintenance

KMS Network Operations & Maintenance service portfolio enables network operator to focus on the core of their business in marketing, brand building and value creation while ensuring effective network operations & maintenance activities thus yielding significant reduction in operational expenses. KMS network operations & maintenance expert engineers & field personal undertake operations & maintenance of all network process and elements for wide rang technologies.

Professional Services

KMS provides professional services on various OEMs an technology platforms such as Ericsson, Nokia-Siemens, Huawei, etc., across the network life cycle, supporting by internal pool of skilled resources from the various technologies in the telecom domain. The services of these skilled resources are offered to the service providers as well as to OEM's on a monthly basis to meet their long-term requirement of skilled resources as well as to meet any peak load resource requirements.


[ Business Partners ]

POWER ACME TELE LTD. is one of the leaders in the field of innovative solutions for the wireless telecommunications industry from India. ACME is one of the pioneers in the development of green technologies, namely energy-efficient solutions, cost effective and capable of providing rapid return on investment in environmentally friendly. ACME Tele Power Limited has launched an innovative solution to kill the passive infrastructure and products for the wireless telecommunications industry, a DC Generator (DCPH). At first, ACME Tele Power Limited as suppliers of infrastructure for Bharti Airtel Limited, ACME 's clients include all the leading companies in the wireless telecommunications industry such as Airtel India , Vodafone, Idea Cellular, Aircel and Tata Teleservices. The presence of ACME Tele Power extends to more than 100,000 telecommunications sites across India.

Northstar SITETEL AB is a leading global manufacturer of high performance lead-acid batteries for Telecom Power Systems, UPS and machinery. Founded in July 2000 in Sweden, Northstar has quickly become the industry leader in designing, making and using an innovative battery solutions and a variety of sites. Because our products are highly reliable and cost effective, they are used in Telecom Power Systems, Power Supplies disturbed and Start Engine applications, in more than 120 countries. Northstar employs more than 600 people worldwide, with headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, and major operations in Missouri, USA, Shanghai, China, Nashik, India, Sollentuna and Sweden.