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KMS is a dynamic solution oriented company focused in telecommunication industry, offering wide range of services and solution to support telecom carrier and technology provider. KMS was founded and established in 2004 and registered as private limited company in 2006. The company was run by professional people that has been committed to grow telecommunication industry in Indonesia. During this early years of operation, KMS worked with key major OEM in Indonesia in the telecommunication sectors. To date KMS maintain a loyal costumer vase within this sector while growing the wide range of solution. KMS drives its strength from synergy combination of the resources, portfolio business and methodology.


As preferred worldwide engineering services company.


To deliver and provide best class of speed and quality engineering services.


Ensure Business Growth, Customer Focus (Telco Industries), Ensure Financial Performance, Business Strategy (Turnkey E2E), Best Quality and Competitiveness (ISO certified) and Cost Saving Program (Turnkey E2E).

[ Clients ]

Extending our long-standing partnership with all of our clients allowing the new and innovative service offerings and maximize such opportunities for both parties.

Telecom Implementation 2G & 3G Technology for Roll Out Project

Such as Swap BTSs, Swap Microwave, Equipment Dismantle, New Site, Upgrade/Expansion Site, Installation New/Upgrade MSC, BSC, Single IN, Re-Homing for Key Major OEM and Operators; g y j p ; NSN, Huawei, Ericsson, Ceragon and ZTE for Operators; Telkomsel, Indosat, HCPT, XL, Axis and SmartFren. This project is include providing materials, material delivery and technical support for Mini-CME Projects.

Network Planning and Optimization 2G & 3G Technology

For Roll Out Project, such as Swap BTSs, Cluster Optimization, New Sites, Upgrade/Expansion Site, Re-homing, Re-Parenting for Key Major OEM and Operators; NSN and Huawei for Operators Telkomsel and Indosat.

Network Performance Improvement 2G & 3G Technology

For Network Optimization to Improve KPI in large scale area, for Key Major OEM and Operator; NSN for Telkomsel.

[ Our Products ]


Battery is one important element in telecommunications equipment. KMS providing battery from Northstar special for application in areas that poor power conditions, which often occurs electricity termination. NSB blue battery designed for this condition. The advantage of this battery compared to the AGM or gel battery is a type of life cycle of these batteries are far above his rivals. NSB Blue rivaled only by OPzV 2 Volt battery in terms of price and the amount of space needed is much more bigger.

Battery Cabinet

SiteStar - Cabinet cooling batteries are cost effective and efficient energy SiteStar's Advantages: - Age a longer battery life means significant savings in OPEX and CAPEX operator, because the replacement battery decreases and less frequent field trips - Low power consumption usually only 40W, amazing 95% savings compared to typical cooling solutions air-conditioned - Free maintenance, unlike the fan-based cooling solutions, saving the cost of further treatment.

Battery Cooler

The ACME maximizes the lifespan of expensive telecom batteries and results in a quick return of investment. Its designed for cooling battery cabinets unit IP45 protection level and is suitable for operating in industrial environments. It is use eliminates problems cause by high temperature, dirt, and humidity.

NMS - Network Monitory System (Optional)

The following are features that we offer in the NMS: - NMS facilitates the operator to monitor any remote location BTS. - NMS can be used for MIS reporting, fuel monitoring, data analysis and generate comparative reports based on various activities. - NMS can be used for billing purposes - Data Analysis (Graphs and Reports)

DC Power House A hybrid solution

The aim of DC Power House (DCPH) hybrid solution is to make BTS site become more efficient by reducing OPEX by decreasing the cost of fuel consumption, maintenance and extend the life of the generator is used. ACME DCPH is a superior product 'State of art' which produces an electric current directly Voltage 48 V DC with ultra low fuel consumption for use by telecommunications equipment actively. The system is designed and optimized for the delivery of high current at low voltage required for charging the battery and DC load operation.

Free Cooling Unit

TheFree Cooling Unit reduces AC running hourson the telecom site when ever the ambient temperature is lower than the shelter temperature. Controller Features : - Can control up to two AC and one free cooling unit - Temperature control - Humidity sensor Structural Features : - Wall mounted unit - Front discharge - Easy installation, maintenance and service Operational Features : - Air intake from ambient - Air circulation in the shelter - Emergency cooling

OSP / ISP Implementation Services

KMS offers engineering services for network deployment and implementation On Site Plan (OSP) and In Site Plan (ISP) Civil Works to value customer to enhance the fiber optic networks.

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